New types for standard format

New chunks for standard format (FSK encoded data)

fsk - non-standard SIO signals

(description copied from A8CAS project page)
The "fsk " chunk holds a raw sequence of lengths of FSK signals (0s and 1s). It is needed to store special signals written on a tape, or any data that could not be recognised as a standard tape record.

The aux field holds length of an Inter-Record Gap (IRG) before this chunk, in milliseconds. The length field contains number of bytes in the record. The data field consists of length/2 16-bit unsigned numbers (LSB first) - each number represents length of a single signal (0 or 1) in 1/10's of milliseconds.

Name Raw bytes value
type $66 $73 $6b $20 "fsk " identifier
length $LL $MM Length of data is $MMLL
aux $LL $MM IRG is $MMLL miliseconds
data $LL $MM $LL $MM $LL $MM ... Length/2 2-byte values holding times in tenths of miliseconds ($MMLL)