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Jun 3, 2016
Category: All news
Posted by: FUJI

Addedd possibility to convert binary files to standard tapes.

Now You can do this:

 conv loader.bin program.xex program.cas

or this:

 conv loader.bin program.xex program.wav

(Note however, that init calls which require longer gaps between blocks are not supported. Yet.)


Jan 25, 2015
Category: All news
Posted by: FUJI
It should be released very long time ago.
  • added TapeWiz support (very basic, this format is checksumless)
  • added generic PWM support, any PWM encoded recording can be decoded into pwml-only data chunks. This is similar to fsk-only decoding for FSK encoded tapes. In fact this mode can be used to archive any Atari tapes (FSK tapes too) and to archive tapes dedicated for any other computers (for example I have successfully tested it with TRS-80 recordings).
Sep 15, 2013
Category: All news
Posted by: FUJI

Here comes version 1.00. Don't be so excited ;), it is just a next number. Changes introduced in this release follow:

  • Multiple input files can be specified. Name of output file from now on is mandatory. The complete command now looks like this: <command> [options] <input file> [input  file ...] <output file>

    You can mix different types of input files (audio, cas, hex).

  • PWM (turbo): edge detection algorithm is now simpler, cleaner and probably somewhat faster
  • support for Auto Turbo decoding was added
  • some bugfixes
  • the design of web page was changed (using CMS now)

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