Supported file types:
  • audio files - all formats supported by Ecasound (directly or through libsndfile, libaudiofile, mpg321)
  • original CAS files produced by old WAV2CAS program
  • extended CAS files  (A8CAS)
  • HEX files (human readable form of CAS, for easy by-hand corrections and hacks)
Supported formats of Atari tape images:
  • native FSK (Frequency-Shift Keying) encoded tapes:
    • standard tapes
    • tapes with various protections (blocks with non-standard lengths, non-standard baud rates, long FSK signals)
    • Turbo 2600
    • Speeder Tape (Speeder 1400)
  • various PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) encodedformats:
    • Formats used in Poland:
      • Turbo 2000 (K.S.O, F, F+)
      • Turbo Blizzard
      • Atari Super Turbo (AST) and it's clones:
        • Atari Turbo Tape (ATT)
        • Unerring Master (UM)
      • Turbo Rom (and Turbo Rom Plus, which is the same)
      • MK.Turbo (formerly Unknown1)
        • MADE IN HOME
        • MK.2800
        • MK.4500
      • Hard Turbo
      • Auto Turbo
      • Low Silesia Turbo 2000 (almost identical to czechoslovakian Turbo 2000)
    • Formats used in former Czechoslovakia:
      • Turbo 2000
      • Super Turbo
      • Turbo Tape
      • B-Tape
    • Format used in Germany:
      • Turbo 6000
    • Format used in UK:
      • TapeWiz
    • Generic PWM encoded tapes
Currently working (or mostly working) functions:
  • audio -> cas/hex conversion for all types of supported  tape formats (cas chunks for turbo formats are unofficial and may change in the future, although current specification looks rather complete)
  • cas/hex -> audio conversion for any cas/hex file (standard and turbo, in case of turbo formats cas/hex file MUST be created by the same version of a8cas-util.pl
  • audio -> audio conversion (one step audio mastering)
  • displaying basic informations about a8cas data contained in cas/hex/audio files
  • preliminary audio/cas/hex -> bin (xex) conversion
  • preliminary bin (xex) -> audio/cas/hex conversion

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