Examples - Turbo Blizzard

Turbo Blizzard

This example uses tape images, which can be found on the atari.area forums, in the following thread: "Blizzard Turbo - ponownie"

    • Tape 1 (maw_blizzard_skarbek) is in quite good shape and it can be easily converted in one piece, in one pass to hex or cas format, like this (all in one line):

      a8cas-util.pl conv --turbo blizzard  maw_blizzard_skarbek.wav maw_blizzard_skarbek.hex

      The reverse operation - converting hex to audio file (all in one line):

      a8cas-util.pl conv --turbo blizzard --mono --samplerate 44100 maw_blizzard_skarbek.hex maw_blizzard_skarbek-remastered.wav


You may need the cartrige image to use the above tape images in emulator.


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