Feb 22, 2010

Code updated

Category: All news
Posted by: FUJI
  • Added support for HEX files (CAS in human readable and editable form), both reading and writing to such files is supported.
  • Full support for conversion between any of formats: audio, A8CAS, HEX (any direction)
  • Preliminary support for conversion from audio/A8CAS/HEX to binary files; currently basic Turbo Blizzard programs can be converted to xex (files in DOS FMS format), tapes in native Atari format can be converted to .xex, .bin (one part boot programs) or .bas (programs written in basic)
  • Added support for ATT (Atari Turbo Tape) and UM (Unerring Master), which are the clones of AST.
  • Many fixes, improvements and tweaks

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