Oct 30, 2011

Version 0.99 released

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Posted by: FUJI
  • FSK decoder is now more precise, even very short signals are sometimes important
  • very long series of raw FSK signals are now supported, they are correctly stored in CAS/HEX files
  • thanks to above two and several smaller changes tapes in Speeder Tape (Speeder 1400) format can be converted to CAS/HEX
  • PWM decoder was significantly improved, options "--amplify", "--highpass", "--lowpass", are no longer so important (though they are still usefull for recovering poor quality tape dumps). The most important addition is automatic (dynamic) adjustment to the amplitude of a signal, when option "--mindiff" is absent. From now on 16-bit samples are used, remember about it when using "--mindiff", previous values must be multiplied by 256
  • timings for all turbo formats were revised, now they are based on code of loaders
  • support for Hard Turbo system was added (--turbo hardturbo)
  • CTRL-C handling was fixed/improved
  • short (several bytes long) data blocks at the end of standard tapes are not being ignored anymore
  • (Examples need updating...)

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