Jun 1, 2010

Version 0.95 released

Category: All news
Posted by: FUJI
  • corrected new FSK decoding subroutines; effectiveness is almost as good as it was in version 0.94, but there are still some minor problems - sometimes the script enters endless loop, it is also a bit too sensitive to changes in frequencies of FSK signals
  • changed the appearance of status/progress line
  • fixed the command "info", detailed informations were slightly improved
  • addedd checksum verification for Turbo 2600 tapes
  • addedd additional type of checksum for FSK encoded tapes, custom loaders use it sometimes instead of default OS-based checksum; it is chosen automatically when needed
  • added support for more Czechoslovakian turbo formats: Super Turbo (csst), Turbo Tape (cstt) and B-Tape (csbtape); there was very little testing done, because I have no access to real tapes recorded in these formats
  • dropped commands "split" and "merge" - HEX files are good enough for any manipulations
  • a number of other changes/fixes/tunning in the code

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