Apr 30, 2010

Version 0.94.9 released

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Posted by: FUJI
  • 0.95 will follow soon, I must finish several things before that
  • subroutines handling tapes in standard format were completely rewritten. It was needed for support of the additional kind of tape protection - data blocks built up from fragments of different baud rates. The ability to recover heavily broken tapes is a bit worse now (unfortunatelly), so please pay a bit more attention to sampling quality. Older version(s), which work better in really hard cases, will remain available for download.
  • option "--autoadjust" is no longer needed for FSK encoded tapes
  • option "--nofsk" (was undocumented) has been transformed into "--allfsk". Normally a8cas-util.pl stores only significant FSK signals in output file (cas, hex or audio). If You want all "junk" to be stored also, for debugging or recovery purposes, You must specify "--allfsk".
  • the new command "squarify" was added. It can be used to convet original FSK ecoded signal into square wave, in which zeros and ones are represented by signal levels instead of different frequencies. It works like the old shell script, which started it all (available for download too). It differs from the effect caused by "--squarify", because the output is unaffected by any additional processing. You can use both files (created by "squarify" command and with "--squarify" switch) to precisely adjust IRG lenghths and baud rates to values matching original tape.
  • renamed the name of turbo format czech2000 to cs2000 (it was developed in former CzechoSlovakia)
  • Removed last addition to specification of "pwms" block - it seeems that it won't be needed at all
  • updated examples to match changes in HEX format

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