Apr 10, 2010

New version released

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Posted by: FUJI
  • let's name the new release: version 0.94 ;)
  • a new prerequisite: you need the additional perl module, Audio::Ecasound, it can be installed with the help of CPAN or downloaded and installed manually from the following location: http://www.cpan.org/authors/id/B/BO/BOWMANBS/
  • conversion to audio: addedd ability to produce audio files containing both FSK and PWM encoded parts in one step (for tape images holding loaders in standard format and main programs in turbo format)
    Because of that feature the script from now will run only on unix-like systems (anyway - I doubt anyone would use it on Windows)
  • added possibility to specify start and stop time for processing audio files (options --starttime and --endtime)
  • Turbo Rom (original format) is now fully supported. Remember to sample Your tapes properly.
  • Added support for "Unknown1" turbo format (name: unk).
  • Added support for Czech version of Turbo 2000 format (name: czech2000)
  • Changed the type of highpass filter (associated with --highpass option) to different one which works better
  • improvements in checksum calculations
  • improvements in raw FSK signals handling
  • FUJI blocks between parts of the recordings can be automatically added (option --autofuji); it is probably a bit buggy and based only on gaps between data blocks
  • added option "--squarify" for FSK encoded tapes - it can be used to produce audio files, in which "mark" and "space" tones are represented by low and high levels of signal instead of different frequencies; this is mostly for debugging purposes
  • Turbo 2000 (K.S.O) tape images can be converted to binary files (.xex)
  • binary files (.xex, .com) can be converted to Blizzard Turbo or Turbo 2000 format
  • Some more internal changes, tweaks and tunning.
  • Small change in "pwms" block definition
  • The layout of the web page has changed
  • New examples added

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